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Dates occupy an important place in Saudi culture, as the Kingdom has succeeded throughout the ages in converting dates from a popular agricultural product to a global economic product that is exported to various countries of the world. country. In addition to being an important economic product, dates have a list of countless health, physical and psychological benefits.


What are the benefits of dates?

- Rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber
- Treats anemia
- Fights intestinal disorders
- Prevents heart disease
- Helps prevent gastrointestinal cancer
- Reduces constipation
- control blood sugar
- Boost memory
- Enhance bone strength


The best types of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1- Ajwa dates
2- Anbara dates
3- Khudri dates
4- Sagai dates
5- diabetes dates
6- Safawi dates
7- Salvation dates
8- Medjool Dates
9- Zuhdi dates
10- Barhi dates